Treskilling Yellow Swedish Stamp Estimated to Surpass Records at £5million

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Currently on display at the Festival of Stamp in Islington, London an 1855 Treskilling Yellow Swedish stamp is setting record £5million with their pre-sale estimates.

Set to be auctioned in the coming week in Switzerland, the stamp is projected to surpass the previous record of $331,000, held by a Chinese stamp which belonged to the Qing Dynasty. On top of exceeding the previous record, the sale prediction makes the Swedish stamp the most valuable item in the world by weight. At a mere 0.03 grams, and a $14 million insurance policy, the Treskilling stamp officially holds more value than its weight in diamonds.

Issued in 1855, the stamp was saved by a young adolescent from Sweden who discovered it in his grandmother’s trash bin later that year. Once retrieved, the young boy reportedly sold the stamp for less than $1.

Since then the Treskilling Yellow has changed hands several times, each time setting a world record price. The last time the stamp appeared was 1996, when it sold for $2.5 million.

The rarity of the stamp stems from the inadvertent use of yellow instead of green ink. Although it is assumed that other stamps were printed in the same batch, none have surfaced.

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