Tom Ford’s Fur Boots for the Affluent Man

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Decadent designer Tom Ford’s vision of winter luxury for today’s gentleman of leisure can perhaps best be summed up by his new collection of natural fur boots – about the most glamorous footgear money can buy. The collection consists of three pairs of boots and a hat, for the ultimate in affluent Eskimo chic: silver and tan natural fur boots ($5,250, above) and chocolate brown kid fur boots ($4,470) both with rawhide leather laces, and ultra-luxe natural brown otter fur boots with a slightly more tailored appearance, which at $9,240 are the jewel in the crown. 

The not matching but complementary trapper-style hat is in white badger fur, and costs $4,510. The pieces are of course all handmade in Italy; part of Ford’s mantra is that “True luxury is found in clothing that has been shaped and honed by the human hand.” And if you’re wondering where to wear these warming wonders, Ford has the answer for that as well: “They’re perfect for a weekend in Gstaad or St Moritz – and those are the kinds of weekends our customers have.”


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