Fabbri $229,999 Over/Under Shotgun

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The term “Hand-made” or “Machine-made” does not always translate into quality, but in the realm of Fabbri’s Over/Under Shotgun, the terms echo perfection.

The original Fabbri shotgun design has been optimized throughout the years to finally reach the apex of bespoke shotguns. Each one of Fabbri’s shotguns is created with the most modern instruments available, expert artists, and a CAD/CAM system with simulation software.

Founded in 1964, Fabbri was the first company to purchase a computerized milling machine in 1974. Ever since, Fabbri has made a testament to develop the specific technology with the aid of high precision equipment.

In order to conquer their dream of “trying to make the best looking and reliable ‘shooting machine’ possible today,” Fabbri designs and produces all of their products in-house. From the smallest screw, to the barrels and action, Fabbri creates the premier shotgun through their optimized specific vacuum heat-treatments.

Their Over/Under Shotgun comes standard at $229,999, but each consumer can request personalized engraving made by artists from around the world.

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